Sayori Static Hair [Doki Doki Literature Club!]

Sayori Static Hair [Doki Doki Literature Club!] 2.0

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Sayori's static hair from the game Doki Doki Literature Club!

It was quite challenging to find a sprite for Sayori's hair, since she has very few poses where she looks to the side, but I eventually settled for her sprite where she is hugging MC in the game. Hope it makes the cut! (I have no idea if I'll make the other Dokis since both Monika and Yuri have long hair which makes it more difficult).

UPDATE! I was feeling like this Sayori's hair was a bit too messy and covering too much of her eye, so I decided to make a new version that is a bit cleaner. Download whichever you prefer!

P.s.: I am still new at making mods for this game but if anybody has any requests feel free to leave them and I'll see what I can do.
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  1. New Sayori static hair version!

    I was feeling like the first version was too messy and covering too much of the eye, so I...