RGB Arm Ribbons

RGB Arm Ribbons 1.3

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4.80 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Hand fix

    Posting an update that removes the reference object on the hand. Thanks goes to HAMburglar for...
  2. Improved RGB Arm Ribbons

    Now that I've gained a lot of experience I can come back and fix this mod up to be up to my...

Latest reviews

For some reason I've been having a problem with this mod (I really like it otherwise!) When I open the mod in a hand job position, it turns the girl's index and middle finger on her right hand grey. I can send a pic if you like.
Wow, this is really nice actually! It goes pretty well with the matching leg ribbons.
Thank you! I always wanted a matching arm version and once I finally figured out how to make one, I did! Glad you like it.

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