My Loving Wife - dialogue and scenario

My Loving Wife - dialogue and scenario 1.0

I liked the original "Loving Wife" dialogue, and I made some modifications:
- She is gradually undressing during scenario progress
- She changes poses after his and her orgasms. 33 oral and 83 vaginal/anal poses included
- She is panting when you fuck her
- Some emotions added
- Some mechanics fixes

Her text is unchanged, moreover, I don't know english.
Note: give her talk with you after orgasms to progress scenario.

1) Place "My Loving Wife" folder to "Mods" folder.
2) Add this string to the end of "Mods\CharacterFolders.txt" file:
My Loving Wife:My Loving Wife
3) Place all FILES FROM "positions" folder to "Settings\animtools_positions" folder.
4) Place "MLW" folder to "Mods\$INIT$\moreclothingmods" folder.
5) Add theese strings to the end of "Settings\moreclothingV?settings.txt" file:
MLW/Gwen_Stacy.swf=Gwen Stacy:DynamicHair:StaticHair
MLW/Bottoms - Cropped Jeans Final - RGB [1 Color].swf=Cropped Jeans:CostumeBottoms
MLW/Pants Down_V2.swf=Pants Down:CostumeBottoms
MLW/CleavageTopTank.swf=Cleavage Tank:CostumeTop
MLW/Strapped Top Pulled Down.swf=Strapped Down
MLW/Pushed_Down_Tank.swf=Pushed Down:CostumeTop
MLW/Grimey-PantiesAroundOneLeg(P).swf=Around Leg Panties:CostumePanties
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I really like it! But when I change the CharCode inside the txt File I sometimes get the error: Invalid setting: changegravityforhairstrands

Is there any kind of fix for that problem?
"changegravityforhairstrands" setting added in animtoolsV15. Check your animtools version for updates. Although, I used v8.