moremoods V13 reupload3

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The auto bite setting doesn't seem to work for me, not sure what I'm doing wrong.
how do you use 'moremoods_bitten' in dialogue after she bites? I can't get it to activate :(
if you see the red flash when she successfully bites, it should trigger it. an example line:
moremoods_bitten:"You just bit me!"{"style":"Him"}
I love changing between the moods manually. Reading through the description, am I correct I understanding that we need the Dialog Action mod to take advantage of those features?
So i have no idea how to change the dialog, i can get the moods to work but i cant figure the dialog. Is there a step by step way to do it?
The best mod for this game ! Thank you for this :)

Regarding V10, I like the new 'tease' mood a lot, especially the bite feature. It adds a lot to the game.

Would it be possible to add the bite behavior to other moods i.e. Angry or Disgusted ? And would it be possible to make her not bite if she has a gag ?
Absolutely love Smug now, it's exactly what I've been wanting for a long time! By the way, 'Horny' isn't in the moods doc.
i tried to update the text, keep getting server errors
i like the updates, they put something new to each old character
Another magnificent mod by sby, what else could you expect?
More moods the better, but there a way to adjust the intensity of the blush?
oop, didn't see this until now. it would be easy to add a max alpha setting, i just have to remeber to do it xD
Incredible job you did with this one, mate, I have just one little question for you, what are all the buttons showing beside the mood bar in your screenshot? would you be eager to share them?
they are some of my other mods. swallowguzzle, autocloseeye, autoclosemouth add them. moremoods now has rolleye built into it, so the 'U' button you should already have. i have a bunch of other mods that add other things to the various other pages as well
Another mood that you could add is "Elated" where it combines the "Drugged/Happy" expression with the tongue engorge of the "Submissive" Mood
Another little masterpiece! I just LOVE it! Works great!
Great job. I hope you'll continue to add more moods in the future. A sad mood would be nice and what could be better than a smug mood.
Cool idea and so far working great. I guess you could add a new mood with Worried eyebrows and smiling but I have no idea what you could call it. "Apologetic"? "Desperate"?
Really excellent mod, sby! I was wondering if it could be improved though. My idea was to add individual control of her eyebrows, eyes, mouth, teech clenching and hand happing so we could personalise our moods even further. Would such a thing be possible