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moreclothingV6 1 by sby

update of moreclothing

  1. sby
    moreclothingV6, by sby

    added options to prevent a mod from getting added if the menu entry of the name already exists. added for better support for including character folder. now you don't have to worry if the different characters use the same mods if doing the character folder moreclothing settings.
    added a special case moreclothingbody for "none" that will clear all of the body mods even if you specify others, added for DialogActions body mod clearing through something like:
    intro:"this is a dialog actions load charcode example to clear body mods [LOAD_CHARCODE2]" {"set":{"da.charcode.load":"moreclothingbody:none"}}
    added option 'poptotop' that can move mods to the top of their modtype layer. useful for things that are moved to other menus and you want them to be above the other mods of the same modtype. added for better support for character folder settings. i used to just arrange the mods in the settings folder to control the layering but this setting should help
    added option 'poptobottom' that works the same as poptotop, but moves them to the back instead of the front
    added a constant filename 'moreclothingCharSettings.txt' as another filename you can use for character folder moreclothing settings.

    fixed bug if initial settings file contained no mods to load.
    fixed bug where charchodeafterload did not get applied if no mods were added in the character settings file

    in settings, noticed had a testmonoglove replaced monoglove back in version 5 settings to fix something, named that entry the new monoglove.
    added 'GenericCollar.swf' to default included clothing (hey look i did a clothing xD )
    added 'Latex_Outfit_-_Sleeveless.swf' to default included clothing (similar to SB2BRGB Dress but without the fancy garmet at the end, from Dante)
    changed 'Latex Outfit - Short Sleeve.swf' entry to not include right and left calf for better customization. i suggest to use latex thigh highs legwear and whatever shoes instead for more flexibility
    added a bunch more stuff from Iago that i have been wanting to add for a while to default includes: Capri Pants.swf,Loose Pyjama Pants.swf,Low Waist Pyjama Pants.swf,Sarong.swf,Microshorts.swf,Open Skirt.swf
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