Miki "Miko" Kuroda (Devilman Crybaby) hair

Miki "Miko" Kuroda (Devilman Crybaby) hair 1.0

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EDIT (2/5/2021): I'm gonna add this edit to the long braided hair; I put that back lock of hair on the under layer instead of top.
Download here:
Miko Long Braided Ponytail2.png

Miki "Miko" Kuroda from Devilman Crybaby

They have small faces in the anime so I don't think it works out that great

Also I used pointed nose (not shown/can't decide which is better) but it works fine with normal nose

I'd also recommend an Angry mood (cuz of the eyebrows pointed down) for the braided hairs

Miko Straight Ponytail Screen.png Miko Straight Down Screen.png Miko Straight Down Behind Ear Screen.png
Miko Short Braided Ponytail Screen.png Miko Braided Ponytail Screen.png
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can you, by chance, provide a chara code for the down hair style?
Wow, didnt think this show would have mods done for it. But i had a char based on a scene in the show now this fits perfectly. Nice !