Lysithea von Ordelia Static Hair (Academy Phase)

Lysithea von Ordelia Static Hair (Academy Phase) 2020-04-21

Static hair for Lysithea (Academy phase).

UPDATE: Fixed the bangs!
Lysithea screen.png

First time doing long hair edits, so feedback is appreciated!
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The bangs don't look right, but other than that it is good to see this character finally on the site.
This Is Alola Bitch
Yeah, sorry about that, haha. I ripped her hair from two different sources, so I had to do a LOT of redrawing and erasing. I noticed that her bangs looked kinda weird and said to myself "eh, I'll fix it later," and I just... didn't. XD Thanks for the feedback, though! Will definitely try to redo the bangs.
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