Lysithea von Cordelia {Pre-Timeskip} (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair

Lysithea von Cordelia {Pre-Timeskip} (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2.0

Here's Lysithea's pre-timeskip hair. I made a post-timeskip hair of her (with her veil) earlier which you can find in resources or in my import thread.

There's also an alternate edited version that's darker and more defined with the length of the hair under rather than over body created by gentleman and scholar Hank East.

I've also added an alternate version with a light pink hue.


Lysithea PreTimeskip Screenshot.png

Lysithea PreTimeskip Screenshot 2.png

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  1. 2.0

    Added an alternate darker more defined version edited by Hank East. Added an alternate version...

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I love it. Is there a pink version like the posttimeskip version.
Nice, I much prefer how she looks pre-timeskip :) Just one thing though, I think the hair looks a bit too 'light' so to speak. I think some shading like her in-game portrait would make it look much better still.
Failing Up
Failing Up
The reference image I used was super bright and saturated, but was still the best reference available. I can't do much in regards to adding shadows, but I can continue to modify brightness, etc. Beyond the lack of shadows do you believe reducing brightness and contrast is preferable?

I recommend that you try tinkering with the in game "her hair" colour settings for a bit to see if you can find a setting you prefer.
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