Jack's Static Hair from Fate/Apocrypha

Jack's Static Hair from Fate/Apocrypha 2020-11-27

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Hey !
Iceprime485 asked for a Jack static hair and clothes, well as i am bad to make clothes (I tryed and i dunno why i don't fucking work)
I've made at least the static hair ^^
as you maybe see, There is 2 version of the hair and I hightly recommend to use the "top" version, the hair is at the max limit, so there is no problems with like glasses, or shit like this

Btw with the hair, here a reproduction of the clothes

I used all mods in the lasted version of the Sby loader pack, I added too the ringed Stockings, and the striped thighhigh
I used the turtleneck jumper collar, to have it, you gonna need to code it, but cuz im gentle
Put this in collar in the Txt. moreclothing
Turtleneck Jumper.swf=Turtleneck Jumper Collar:CostumeCollar

finaly, I used the harness 1 (check in body 3, its suposed to be in first)
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Great job. The hair looks beautiful and crisp.

You actually don't need to make a top version anymore because Sby released a mod that allows the player to move eye-wear either above or below hairs. It'll probably be added into the next version of his loader pack making it standard for SDT players.

I still let it for peoples who will didn't have it ^^
This looks great. Love the coloring. Excellent job!