Ilia Amitola Hair

Ilia Amitola Hair 2018-08-12

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Code to recreate her body features:

Preview using a "proper" outfit:

Preview using a placeholder outfit:

Full code for placeholder outfit (and physique):

Standalone Body Marking Mod: Ilia Amitola Body Markings
Proper Outfit Mod: Ilia Amitola Outfit
Note that if using either of the above mods, code to modify the girl's physique is not necessary to match the above depictions (unless you intend to not match them, in which case a code is necessary).

A pre-set folder can be found here: MEGA
The above folder download includes the usual items - named pre-made folder and the images I use here and in the page for the hair download. (This version includes 3 character folders - Ilia (Naked), Ilia (Proper Outfit) and Ilia (Placeholder Outfit). The third is based on the placeholder I used before I finished this mod.)
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