Homestuck Dialogue Collection bundle

Homestuck Dialogue Collection bundle 3.03

A bundle of character folders for Homestuck-related dialogues. This is almost entirely taken from an earlier version of the bundle, which is posted here, but I've decided to put this one in the download manager to make it more easily findable.

The bundle also includes some hair files, credited where possible, and Sby's CumRGB, which is needed for the Futa Vriska dialogue to give her a different colour of cum.
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Latest updates

  1. Amisia dialogue

    Added dialogue for Amisia. No hair, code or background for her yet.
  2. Credits for hairs

    Added links to SecondHuntsman's Homestuck hairs, which are used for many of the characters in...
  3. Minor quirk corrections

    Slight change to some Ardata lines (missed an iii or two).
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