himnotletgo V4

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himnotletgoV1 by sby

this mod adds a button next to his arm menu that enables this mod. green means holding enabled.
when enabled, if he is holding her he will not let go of her head due to her pulling off.
charcode saving built in

not sure if there are side effects, mod essentially works by disabling a couple of functions
First release
Last update
4.67 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. bugfix to not play sound if not closing hand

    himnotletgoV4 by sby added some checks to not play the grab sound when moving mouse back into...
  2. compatibility and bugfix for charcode and proxy logic

    himnotletgoV3 by sby added some compatibility fixes in charcode logic added settings to change...
  3. added charcode saving and startup settings

    himnotletgoV2 by sby added charcode saving for his right and left arms since vanilla sdt...

Latest reviews

can you add a setting to remove his right arm entirely so I can use the trigger [AUTO_HARD] in the DialogueActions Mod without his arm just suddenly grabbing her
Good QoL tweak all around. Have to test it on some of my custom animtools positions which involve shaking some other part of her body than just the head, whether theres bugs or not.
Nice! I have hand many a moment of slight frustration while fapping, because he let go of her freakin head! lol thank you for alleviating that concern.


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