Genshin Impact - Lumine

Genshin Impact - Lumine 2020-10-13

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Hank East
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Thank you! i hope more Genshin characters will come in the future
Hank East
Hank East
Oh don't you worry, they will ;) (I hope.)
Hello, these shoes are very nice. Are they homemade?Could you please send me a link? Thank you very much.This link is just a short one.
Hank East
Hank East You can find the boots here, Billy never uploaded them unto the RM for some reason.
Wow nice. I didnt expect hair mods from this game to be created so early but nice. U interested in making other characters ?
Hank East
Hank East
Yeah, but I literally just got the game last night :P I'll need to get them first if I'm to make them, but expect more in the future, though I can't tell which.