Furry Mouth ... Lipstick???

Furry Mouth ... Lipstick??? v1

Ok, so I found at "Furries's Furry mods!" a great "furry mouth small" mod...
But I got absolutly pisses about that chin and cheeks bulged, so I start trying to remove it, and oh boy, the creator wont fix it for a reason.


For the first it was an annoying "jaw line" - the body part under the jaw that wasnt an actual part of jaw for some gay reason. I found out that it was a part of a head...
Well eventually, I found out that you can remove specific parts of body by that comand:
"her.head.getChildAt(4).visible = false;" and e.t.c. So I removed that

And then I met the final boss of making that mod:
It turns out that every times jaw makes contact with dic, chin will reappears no matter what you do.
The only way to get rid of chin was: "her.head.jaw.visible = false;" bit it makes all parts of the jaw invisible, ofc chin wont appear but so as any other part of the jaw.
So... I tryed some other methods but then I realised - its fcking impossible to defeat that annoying chin.

And one day, when I played with template I accidentally find out that lipstick isnt part of the jaw, fking eurica!

So I remove whole jaw sigment and make lipstick as big as jaw. It can be only colored black or white for now, but thats a start, right? :>

Ty for sharing my pain guys. ♥

So, I conjured on the .fla Furries left to other modders and make mod that removes jaw and cheeks and makes lipstick replace the jaw.

Without jaw it looks like this: as you can see, no cheeks!






And for some experementrs I made a big furry jaw. Will update it later.

Krystal with small jaw:

Krystal with big jaw:


Alright, and a bad part of this mod:

As you can guessed, if you disable lipstick - you disable "fake jaw" too.

Also it seems impossible to remove original lipstick so it will be there as "spike"


This spike cant be delited, but you can makes it less visible by makeing lipstick grey.


Jaw can be only white.

If you change her mood it will make upperlips reappear.
Can be fexid by run this mod again.

Alright, thats it for now. Hope you'll enjoy it. Xo xo.
P.s. Sorry for possibly broken english.
P.s.s. Im not furry!
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increíble trabajo, estoy seguro que impresionaste a varios, quizás te echen una mano.
por cierto, será que puedes pasar el Code para Bunny?
Where do I put this file to get it working? I've got the regular furry jaws working but this won't activate
As a Furry, I am super happy to have this n.n now all I have to do is figure out how to get mods to properly work and I'm in Fap Heaven XD
Absolutely wonderful work on this! Glad you picked up where the other one didn't. You are doing furries a good service, you degenerate :P
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