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Dogey Dogma ver. 1.0

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I just wanted to share with you all a dialogue I edited of Nepeta-"by f93" called "Dogey Dogma" that I slaved over with my nooby skills, but great word craftsmanship! I was really inspired after reading f93s' really funny cat girl dialogue, it was unlike anything else I have found on this site before! So it got me thinking, "a casual like me could probably be able to turn this into a dog parody" so I did :3. I wanted to post this sooner, but I couldn't without showing it to f93 first, but I have not been able to reach him so here it is. Please let me know what you think of it! (there are ALOT of dog puns)

Lore: Dogey Dogma "head of the Dogma Legion" was captured by dog catchers, tortured, and held captive in your local dog pound. You rescue her and she is now your loving loyal companion, and she LOVES "treats"!

Required mods: DialogueActions by Pim_gd, moremoods by sby, and dialoguedisplayedit by sby

Recommended mods: Dog cosplay like Polt from Deadreavers imports, and a penis replacer like Twisted Lollipop by ds14048
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