Clara Loft and the Curse of the Jade Statue (Antimatter42 remake)

Clara Loft and the Curse of the Jade Statue (Antimatter42 remake) ver. 2.0

This is my vanilla remake of the Clara Loft dialogue originally written by TOmcat. This remake has slightly more triggers and dialogue, and slightly more British-sounding phrases. It also serves as half of the first part of the Curse of the Jade Statue series I mentioned on my profile post (the other half is the loader version of this dialogue). If you run into any issues, let me know. Also, the *YOU* variables in the dialogue refer to the person Clara is speaking to on her earpiece, so I would recommend downloading an earpiece mod, such as Dante's Wii headset mod (link: Gamer Girl Headsets: Wii). You'll see why I did this in the loader version, which is coming soon.
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  1. ver. 2.0

    This is the same vanilla dialogue. Only this time, I added some wake lines (the lines that play...
  2. ver. 1.5

    Updates: -Removed an interrupt line I was experimenting with. -Added a restart line.
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