CamGurl Live Chat Overlay [Foreground] [Interactive]

CamGurl Live Chat Overlay [Foreground] [Interactive] V2.4

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CamGurl Live Chat Overlay [Foreground][LOADER]
A mod modeled after the live chat and streaming services like Twitch, chaturbate, Jerkmate, MyFreeCams, and like use.


DISCLAIMER: This mod (like many of mods) may not play nice with some other code heavy mods. Combine this with other mods that affect game function with the mind that breakage may occur. This mod is still a WIP. This current version has been released so people can start using it right away, but there are still many features to add and bugs to eliminate. If possible please alert me to any conflicts so I can attempt to fix them.

****This mod requires your window to be extended to wide screen. This doesn't happen automatically. You can either maximize your window or manually lengthen the width.****

Not your standard overlay, CamGurl Live is a fully dynamic and interactive 16:9 skin for SDT. Recommend loading first before adding other mods. Witness users chat about SDChan and her man. This mod works best with 16:9 backgrounds, and comes packaged with 6 selectable widescreen backgrounds ready to go immediately. R Rod 's DOF mod is now a permanent feature of CamGurl Live and toggle-enabled from the Modding Menu.

Consider this mod a WIP. I decided to put it out there before actually completing it since it technically can be used as it is now. Updates to come.
Video here->
Animation Blowjob Deepthroat Porn GIF by sclover13

Customize your CamGurl through the modding tab:

> You can load your girl's name by loading a Saved Character, loading a mod with a character name attached, or by using the Custom Name tab as shown above. Click to Submit a new name and Clear to revert to the previously used name. (This will not change her name in dialogues... yet).
> There are 6 16:9 widescreen backgrounds embedded in this mod. Use the arrow keys to cycle through. The first BG is purposefully blank. This is for loading standard-sized (850 x 700) backgrounds. Loading alternative backgrounds will overwrite the embedded backgrounds rendering them unusable until a fresh load.
> Depth of Field Mode [DOF MODE] - This is a very resource intensive mode. It may cause your game to chug while zooming. However, it adds a layer of CamGirl realism that I thoroughly enjoy. Thank you R Rod for letting me package that with this mod.
> 3 Overlay Skins to choose from. Pink Theme, Turquoise Theme, and Twitch Minimalist. Switch between them using the select through the Modding Tab on Menu UI.

V2.0 Customization Update >>
You can now add your own custom messages and users to the mod using external Settings
Put the Settings TXT files in your Loader 'Settings' folder.

V2.4 Message Overhaul Update >>
Users might say really stupid things. If you don't enjoy this, use V2.1 instead or wait until the next release.

Features of CamGurl Live:
  • Dynamically generated user messages. Watch them react to the action! (Now with over a hundred unique one-shot lines!)
  • Colorfully and familiar database of users ready and willing to participate
  • Simple tipping/donation system
  • Goals related to tips
  • Toggle-enabled custom audio
  • Toggle-enabled screen decorations
  • Compatible with standard size and 16:9 backgrounds.
  • Custom HER name. To change her name load a saved character.
  • 6 Included 16:9 backgrounds (multiple and selectable through Modding tab)
  • Toggleable Depth of Field button
  • Private Show Mode
  • Cam2Cam Mode
  • Multiple overlays to choose from. (Using the Menu's Modding Tab)
  • Custom messages and usernames created by YOU!
  • Word Dictionary for madlib fun in your messages (v2.4+)
  • Animtools Reactivity

Planned Future Updates:
  • More messages and users! (more partially finished)
  • Add Animtools compatibility
  • Messages that respond to her mood
  • MoreMoods Compatibility
  • User sent tips
  • User sent messages
  • PM with her (User and SD Chan chat)
  • Private Show Mode
  • Cam2Cam Mode
  • Additional overlay skins
  • more overlay decoration options!
  • Better visibility for the top Goal title box.
  • Alternative Love Meter
  • Included 16:9 backgrounds
  • Custom Messages and Users

Backgrounds available:


With many more to come!~

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests please follow the "additional information" link to my Artist's page and post them there.

Happy camming!

Shout outs:
Bigkawck Bigkawck R Rod chainsawplayin chainsawplayin Hank East Hank East Antimatter42 Antimatter42 sorrowww sorrowww The Hacker Known As Snow The Hacker Known As Snow Doorman665 Doorman665 sby sby 456 456 and a few others whose names I couldn't find ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thanks yall!
First release
Last update
4.68 star(s) 25 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Message System Overhaul!! Word Dictionary & Animtools Recognition

    Version 2.4 - Message System Overhaul Inclusion of a new word dictionary and animtools...
  2. Custom Chat Feature update and more BGs.

    -Added +hername+ variable to the custom messages. (More info in the README) -Added 3 new BGs...
  3. User & Message Customization Update

    It was requested a ton of different people, so I finally put the hours in to make it happen: the...

Latest reviews

I opened the CamGurl Live Chat Overlay v2-4.swf but it's all but blank.
It's a mod you need to load through loader.swf. Just clicking on the CamGurl V2-4.swf will of course produce just a blank white screen. It's not like this is a separate game.

I urge you to try loading it correctly, and rate and review more appropriately.
mod is insane. some much customizability 4k background chat rooms. absolutely one of the premium mods sdt has to offer
Really great job, it's a good feature for the game.
Many, many stars. Great mod. Really breathes new life into SDT.

Is there a way to control which user says which line? If not, maybe add a way to flag users like Male, Female, Gay, Premium Fan, Jerkass, or whatever, and then have chat lines organized to be delivered based on those flags?
I really like that idea actually! I'll think about how to easily implement such a thing. Right now, I'm reorganizing each dialogue line as a separate object so things like "jerkline" or "femaleline" could be possible in the future.
I downloaded the 1.3 version back in November, and it's fantastic.
However, when I try to download the most recent version, I get a "file incomplete" error. Same goes for the other versions on the "History" tab.
The website's resource manager is having issues atm. Any file over 1mb is currently unavailable. Please @mention me on the community Discord and I'll send you the SWF! I appreciate the positive review! Thanks!
Really great mod. I wish there was a way to add your own automatic messages to the chat
You asked so I have made it. Currently the RM is having issues, so the new 2.0 version with custom automatic messages is available on MEGA.
Thx a lot for that work , its amazing !!! dont know if it still in development but hope to see more update!
Thank you! I always makes me happy to hear from people who enjoy my work! Btw, new update out now.
Finally got the chance to test this out thoroughly after watching it come together for a few days. Without a doubt a great mod, the 16:9 backgrounds use fantastic sources and really complete the mod with the DoF feature, especially with the transparent chat overlay version is really fun to watch with my characters.

Thanks for coming through and making this sclover! Cheers!
I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review! Thank you much. Tbh, my favorite feature of this mod is the backgrounds as well. I'm thinking about making a stand-alone bg and DoF mod. I know you have a lot of 16:9 backgrounds. If there's anything you're interested in me packaging into a stand-alone mod feel free to hit me up.
Super great stuff, would be cool in the future if it was possible to edit the generated messages ourselves.
I definitely can add that feature and know how I'd implement it. It's just a matter of how effectively I can manage it. Going to give it some serious thought. Thanks for the review!
This mod is Thinking outside the box. Innovations like this make that game feel more than just a bj sim. I'm looking forward to further updates. Great work.
Huge thanks my man!!! I appreciate it.


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