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Breath-based Arm Positions 2.0

This mod causes arm positions to change automatically based on the current breath and/or passout factor.

The arm position progression as factors increase are as follows:
"back" -> "on legs" -> "on his legs" -> "loose"
This order - under most circumstances - cannot be changed, though some positions can be disabled.

The ranges for each arm position, random delays between each arm during changes, the ability to disable arm changes while arms are on back, and some other settings, can be set in the settings file.

This mod has not been tested with the "handjob" position and includes no related functionality
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Latest updates

  1. Changed how things are calculated, added alternate method of calculation, cleaned up settings file

    Changed how current arm positions are calculated, added alternate method of calculation, cleaned...
  2. Added toggle hotkey

    Added a hotkey to toggle the mod off and on (default = 20 = capslock)
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