40+ different dresses are included in the download
Each of the four variants of the dresses come in all lengths shown in the preview.

Mini length

Short length

Long length

Long length (split)

Overknee length

V Not availible in Overknee length V
2.0 StripedLong.png

V Availible in all lengths V
2.0 RegularBeltOverknee.png

RGB adjustable
-RGB slider 1 for tops controls the entire dress color.
-RGB slider 2 for tops controls the secondary color of any dresses that have secondary additions (striped, belt, etc.).
First release
Last update
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  • Strap Heels
    Strap Heels
    [RGB Adjustable] Hm, yes. Very strappy.
  • Cropped Hoodies
    Cropped Hoodies
    [RGB Adjustable] Hey uh, the bottom half of your jacket is missing.
  • Split String Dress
    Split String Dress
    [RGB Adjustable] Give me leg, or give me death! (4+ Dresses)
  • Tube Tops
    Tube Tops
    [RGB Adjustable] Hollow cloth cylinder.
  • Skimpy Micro Shorts
    Skimpy Micro Shorts
    [RGB Adjustable] Extremely short pants, or fairly short shorts, or regular sized micro shorts.

Latest updates

  1. (2.0) Strapless Striped Dresses & Regular Belt Dresses

    Striped version of the strapless dress added in every length except overknee, haven't gotten...

Latest reviews

high quality content, thanks for everything you upload
Managed to get this working with moreclothingV8 (thanks to tmb's earlier comment, plus a bit of trial and error) and so far I'm lovin' it! I will say though, for all of the non-strapless versions, having the ":CostumeBra>CostumeTop" bit seems to break something. Other than that, you were spot on! Saved me *a lot* of trouble setting this up, so thanks for that. Looking forward to seeing what Billy posts next!
They are truly lovely!
It took me a while to use them properly with moreclothing (tested with V8 - https://www.undertow.club/downloads/3574/) because they usually use more than one modtype.
StraplessBodyconDress Mini.swf=Strapless Bodycon Dress Mini:CostumeTop:CostumeBottoms>CostumeTop:CostumeBra>CostumeTop
These are great! Would love to see a version for the thicker ass and legs mod for some of these if possible!
What a mad drop! Thanks for these man! Keep it up!
*italian finger kisses* Complimenti per il lavoro svolto!