Black Ankle Heels

Black Ankle Heels 1.0

Hi, just wanted to share my Footwearmod which i did some time ago, just forgot to upload it.
Not my best work, but i'm sure some of you will like it.

I'm not taking any requests whatsoever since i do not own the needed programs to create mods anymore.

Anyways, hope you enjoy this one!
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Perfect heels mod can't wait to see more. Thanks for uploading!
U could at least draw outline and fill it with created texture. That's just a picture converted to swf :/
as i already wrote, i did this a while ago and i didn't know how to create outlines and stuff. But since i don't own Animate CC or similar programs i can't update that resouce. But i'm sure i have the PNG-file of this mod somewhere on my computer if anyone is willing to contribute to an update of this mod, just let me know.
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