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Belle (Disney) hairs

Belle (Disney) hairs 1.0

I didn't like the hairs for Belle in the archive so I did my own. The updo one wasn't in the archive before so that's new.
I got kinda lazy on these; I just copy and pasted from the HD movie but i think it looks fine/better than anything I could do? I may or may not "fix" it in the future.
Also I couldn't get the color right so I changed the hair color in game; the numbers I used are below but you might change it to fit your display.

Belle Ponytail:
Belle Ponytail Screen.png

H: -20
S: 144
L: 144
C: 87

Belle Updo:
Belle Updo Screen.png

H: 0
S: 75
L: 141
C: 100
First release
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