Atago Static Hair [Azur Lane]

Atago Static Hair [Azur Lane] 1.3

Atago's static hair from the mobile game Azur Lane!

And here was another request I was very happy to take! I have never played Azur Lane myself but I heard it is quite fun + the characters are super hot so I might check it out eventually O.O. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this static hair mod! :)


DISCLAIMER: The art for this static hair mod is NOT mine. I have edited, cropped, and reshaped the image in order to better fit into Super Deepthroat but the original artwork can be found here.


P.s.: I am accepting requests for static hair mods! If you have any feel free to send me a message and I'll see what I can do.
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  1. Improved version by SyntaxTerror!

    Here is what this new version provides: - Fixed problem where cum landed under her hair, and...
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