"You have crash-landed on the planet Alternia, home of the species known as Trolls. Lured by the promise of friendship (and much-needed medical attention), you find yourself in the hive of Ardata Carmia, a three-eyed troll girl who seems able to control your every thought. You are quickly at her mercy, forced to become her 'friend' while she streams your interactions to her adoring fans."

A character dialogue for the three-eyed bloodthirsty-on-main troll girl who livestreams torture sessions.

Hiveswap Friendship Simulator Volume 1 came out the day before I wrote this, so there may not actually be a hair available for her yet.

Her typing quirk is that she triples all uses of the letter i, and does not use capitals.
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  1. Minor quirk corrections

    Missed another iii.
  2. Minor quirk corrections

    Fixed some incorrect "iii"s.
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