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animtoolsV15_beta 15 by sby

use and create custom positions in superdeepthroat

  1. sby
    a 'beta' version for people to download. beta as in, here is the next version, feel free to test it and if no bad stuff comes out then it is the advertised as the next version with a proper thread update.

    here is some changelog:

    changed how animtools does dialog lines to prevent dialog flooding
    added 'animtools_position_name' to dialog variables. now can check if specific position is loaded like general:"tested for doggy 6"{"check":{"atv_position_name":"ATV_doggy6_resistive"}}
    moved himreversed and himflipped code before other animation changes in updateeverything to fix feet bug ~bugfix
    registered him animation change with setbody ~bugfix
    added setting 'makebuttonsforpositions' that will create buttons to load positions that are registered on keys.
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