animtools V34

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You are legit god himself. What would you like your shrine made of? Marble? Gold?

Despite the fact that you are god, even god isn't perfect considering that atheists exist. My criticism is that the positions don't follow the cursor well, meaning that it is hard to force her to suck dick and hard to pull her off.
sdt movement, when not on penis out face smearing mode, follows a specific path. the y coordinate varies the movements a bit, but the motions are purely determined by a percentage of the x coordinate
Would it be too much for you to just update the loader pack more often? It would definitely make things easier on peasants like me who aren't good with updating it piecemeal ourselves.
Aagh! You son of a- I literally just updated my pack! xd
there are no position version checks for v30, so you do not need to update any sort of position version numbers. if you did feel the need, you could open them all up in notepad++ and just do a find+replace in all files for posversion=29 to posversion=30
One of SDT's best mods ever. The only way it could be better is if you could also control his other arm. Keep up the good work.
Lol, what else is there to say here? This DL is easily the reason this community thrives... Kudos
The best mod for SDT ever. Seriously. Thanks man, you're the hero.
Very good, but for me the dude's penis disappears or is half visible when he's not making contact with her with most positions, idk what the problem is.
reply in my imports thread a position attached that does this
This and moreclothing together effectively turn SDT into SDT 2. There are some minor issues, but given how it greatly expands the scope of the game it's an easy 5.
This is easily an amazing mod for SDT, but I have had one problem. When trying to load a position from in game, the positions seem "broken". Everything sets up as it's supposed, but he loads in above the position he's supposed to, making him not even make contact with her.
So far, I haven't had any issues. Great idea implementing the option to change the animtools voice via the ingame menu.
Slight issue; when I load a txt file for character code e.g. Starfire or any character code it reverts hide him to normal. What I'm saying is that if you load a character code then the male character won't be hidden no matter what, and that doing 'hide him' again undoes the character code loaded
just a guess, but try the loader setting resetCharOnChange=0. if doesn't work post in my thread with more info and possibly files
I think I have a bug but idk if its the loader of animtools, when I load a character with an animtoolscharposition.txt with HIM set to invisible the back strap portion of the strap on is still visible but when I F2 load the same file it goes away.
If you're only going to get one mod for this game, get this mod.
Uh it doesn't work with me and id love some help, but it looks like great mod.
My problem is that its stuck at the "Loading assets" screen..
Each and every piece of software has some bugs while it is growing. Having said this I dare to claim that this mod is one of the most important pieces to make SDT more than just a BJ game.

It actually *IS* the one mod that makes SDT more than that.
Thanks for your work, sby
it is a real nice mod. there are some problems here and there but i'm sure it will get better. some positions the stick goes through the back of the girl. i am also hoping to see the same kind of resistance in other positions like the original game
the mushroom head (penis head) disapears in some blowjob positions...
but is a good beta
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well, at least to me some bugs, like sometimes when i load a dialogue and open again animtools, the cum becomes invisible, also there is a glitch with the angry mood that when ejaculating the characters starts to shake around really mad, i don`t know if those where common knowledge since i started using this app 10 hours ago getting familiar, researching about some of those bugs and others stuff without success , is really enjoyable when starts to kick with it, nice job