AnimTools Dialogue Position: default & beg or pray

AnimTools Dialogue Position: default & beg or pray 2017-04-02

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This position is not made to stimulate directly. In fact it's meant to be used as just a scene in a dialogue. As this it has no sexual interaction at all! Hope you like it though.

For those who don't know how to make such positions work on SDT: just put the text file into the sub folder "animtools_positions" within your loader's folder "Settings" and use the Loader to load it then from there. This implies that you have to use a loader and @sby's mod AnimTools. Don't hesitate to consult the FAQ for further technical support.

Help me increasing my work's quality by supporting me with your constructive feedback (likes are welcome! :wink: )

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Is there any reason why this mod skips Intro dialogue? Whenever i load it she skips right to General dialogue instead of going through intro lines