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Ok, so, to avoid any confusion, this is just the hair mod, not the entire body. Mostly because I'm still experimenting around with modding this game, and partially because I didn't know how well it will be received and I didn't want to waste too much time on this. On the plus side, it should work with any and all body mods you might have (mostly because it's just hair, really.)

The pack also includes a custom dialogue that I've written for her, including some basic triggers and responses to them.
She's a really excited Alien Humanologist studying the intricacies of human anatomy and reproduction, and the dialogue is mostly intended to reflect that. It should work properly with any position you want, as long as the position itself has been set to its proper value.

To make her look like in the preview above:
Edit: I found out that you can directly export character code. Welp.
That should probably make it a lot easier to install.

Some thoughts and more details:
She's heavily inspired by the Elloy species in the game "Pandorium Colony" by Costello:

Why? Well, because I've had this idea stuck in my head for a few days, and also the Elloy species look like the generic '50s Alien figure we all know and love, and well, if you're not into Pandorium, she's that alien from Area 51 whose cheeks everyone wanted to clap last year.

I plan on playing around with this model, maybe even making an elongated head, figuring out a way to reduce her nose to better resemble the Elloy species, put more effort into blending the colors with the in-game body and all that, so I guess I'll just update this post if I work on her more. I also wanted to try and bring more species from Pandorium Colony into SDT but, again, I wanted to see the feedback first, to see if it's worth investing the effort into. If all goes well, maybe I'll try making her more plug-and-play, but only time will tell.

I'm also open to any and all suggestions/variants you'd like to see with and on her head, her dialogue, etc.

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lol, if you add some tentacles on her face she would look like bloodsucker from stalker. i'll be waiting